The Glee Project

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  2. somefaith-trust-andpixiedust answered: Dani or Nellie :3
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  5. gracefulgiraffe answered: Blake Jenner!!!
  6. adrianpudding answered: Abraham Lim!!! wuju
  7. amyisforreal answered: Blake!
  8. jaymamayz answered: I would definetly meet Dani Shay .
  9. olookitsrosa answered: Dani, Lily, Tyler or Blake
  10. thequietchica answered: Michael!
  11. setsailforhappiness answered: I would meet Nellie! She has an awesome sound and seems like a quirky, fun-loving girl. :)
  12. chaoticrice answered: DANI
  13. h4ynes answered: It would be between Abraham, Michael, and Blake..or maybe Nellie. But i’ll have to see mroe of them to decide (:
  14. mslaramichele answered: Mario, Nellie or Shanna!
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